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Congratulation!!!!Congratulation!!!!! For our friends who is  graduated on November 2009 :

1. Bayu Putra Pamungkas, S.Kom
2. Rezalino Zaini, S.Kom
3. Sari Anggraini, S.Kom
4. Willy Budi Martana, S.Kom

And for our friend, Afifah Rahmawati who must go to Jakarta makes a carrier in  PT Pertamina.


Good luck  for all of you!!!!!!! Give the best for our nation, our almamater, and don’t forget to participate in BASKOM program …  heheheh.  Until now, there are 34 IlmuKomputerUGM2004 graduated from our beloved university.  More than 50 % . Hehehe.. Who are the next????


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